Easily Move Office Phone Systems

Running a business means many things and one of the most troubling and potentially headache-inducing experiences can be moving your business from one place to another. Beyond the physical upheaval of moving supplies, offices, and more, the technological aspects of your business can be more difficult to transport and properly set up in your new location.

Fortunately, when your business needs to install and move phone systems, TDLI Communications Corp in Suffolk & Nassau County is here to help. Our dedicated telecommunication experts have the experience necessary to help set up your new network in as little as a single afternoon. Regardless of the size of the new space, our team has the tools and expertise necessary to get your office fully functional in minimal time.

The next time you use your phone system or other technology, you won’t even feel the change because our team is experts at making the transition seem seamless. For more information on moving an existing phone system, contact us today and members of our technical staff can give you more information on our process, our affordable rates, and more. We look forward to helping you make your move less of a hassle today.


Professional telephone system movers in Suffolk & Nassau Counties

TDLI Communications Corp Moves You – Easy as 1, 2, 3

Whether you have hosted VoIP system, a PBX system, or any other type of hosted phone set up, TDLI Communications Corp can help you move it to a new office space. In our years working in Suffolk & Nassau county, we’ve seen it all and have the tools and techniques to ensure the move is safe, speedy, and reliable. The most important thing is that your phone system gets up and running in your new location without a hitch, and that is always our #1 goal.

We follow a 3 Step Process for ensuring that your phone system move in Suffolk County is done right:

  1. Properly and safely disassemble and transport your equipment
  2. Installing your equipment at the new location
  3. Testing to check everything is running smoothly

Need more information about our moving services, network capabilities, or services? Please contact TDLI Communications Corp in Suffolk & Nassau County at your earliest convenience by calling (631) 913-0226.

Professional Office Telecom Movers

Is your business getting ready for a move? Have you figured out certain logistics but are still uncertain how you will move your phone systems? Don’t attempt to take apart and pack up your hosted phone system if you are uncertain you know how to reinstall it at the new location. You will spend precious time and money hiring a service to help fix the problems if you end up installing the system incorrectly. During moving, there are often overlooked questions that can become larger issues later on.

It is always vital to assess the following information during a move when hosted phone systems are involved:

  • Is the new location cabled?
  • Is it the right type of cabling?
  • Is there enough cabling?
  • Are the lines from the provider working properly?

TDLI Communications Corp has the resources and knowledge to ensure that these questions will be acted upon in the most efficient way possible so that your phone system will be up and running at your new location.

Quality Service in Suffolk & Nassau County

At TDLI Communications Corp, our office movers are trained specifically to expertly take apart your system and reinstall it in your new location so that the downtime is minimal. Our business places a premium on detail-oriented work and quality customer service. We’ve been a leader in Suffolk & Nassau County for years because we know the phone system technology inside and out and have the logistics expertise to ensure the move is done smoothly.

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