Remote Office Phone Systems

TDLI Communications Corp Can Help With Remote Office Phones

As a full-service small-business phone provider, TDLI Communications Corp can help alleviate the challenges companies and employees face in remote work with reliable phone options for remote employees. Our commitment to you is to provide innovative products and exceptional customer service to help you bridge the gap between a central office and the increasingly common scenario of employees working from home. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using VoIP systems for remote employees.

Remote Office Phone Systems in Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

The New Normal Brings Challenges to Working From Home

As companies re-examine their need for traditional office space and adopt a more flexible work-from-home policy, employees need reliable and collaborative phone services. Consumers have invested more in mobile products, and most have abandoned traditional telephone lines at home. Rather than relying on personal or company-provided mobile phones with their limits and spotty service, our hosted VoIP solutions offer a better experience and clear communication between employees and customers. Investing in hosted VoIP product pays off for businesses. It offers better team collaboration, an engaged workforce in remote locations, and access to a broader talent pool that a central office location would typically limit.

The Best Desk Phone for a Remote Office is VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the best solution to choose for a work-from-home phone system. Rather than relying on traditional telephone lines and cables to make and receive calls, VoIP technology runs through a user’s internet IP address solving the issues and limitations of a landline. Remote employees will enjoy all the functions they’re accustomed to in-office, such as voice messaging access through email, video calls, and screen sharing. Whether your team is in the office or spread out across the country, your company will be:

  • More productive
  • More competitive
  • Supportive of employees’ needs

Benefits of a VoIP Work From Home Phone System

Phone options for remote employees are a hot topic among business leaders because of the move to work-from-home life and the importance of employee flexibility. Arming teams with the tools to be successful means better productivity. Our company is experienced in all business and residential phone options and can offer a seamless transition for remote employees. Benefits of incorporating VoIP remote phones include:

  • Enabling location-independent work
  • Using an office phone number while working from home
  • Improving connectivity between co-workers and clients
  • Employees can be available anytime, anywhere
  • Little to no maintenance for service
  • Ability to integrate CRM with one click
  • Monitoring remote employee productivity
  • Keeping one phone number for the entire office
  • Using a two-line office phone with call forwarding and remote access

What to Look for in a Remote Office Phone System

With today’s technology and integration with computer equipment, your business phone installation for employees working from home provides all the same benefits and functionality as a central office location or call center. The most popular features to look for in a product include:

  • Automatic call distribution so incoming calls are automatically sent to the right groups
  • Auto-attendant to incorporate a virtual assistant menu greeting
  • Visual voicemail to retrieve voicemails via computer or mobile app
  • Voicemail to email for inbox transcription
  • Voicemail forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Call analytics

Learn About Phone Options for Remote Employees

A work-from-home situation doesn’t have to be a burden or disjointed experience for companies, employees, and customers. At TDLI Communications Corp, we offer various technology services, including easy-to-use remote office phone systems for employees and businesses in the Nassau and Suffolk County areas. Contact us to learn more about pricing or hosted VoIP solutions.


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