Small Business VoIP Phone Systems in Suffolk & Nassau Counties

What Is a VoIP Business Phone System?

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP, is technology that allows users to place and receive calls using the Internet instead of a regular phone line or signal. VoIP has become increasingly popular as the communication solution of choice for small businesses, as it is cost-effective, reliable, and allows for an unlimited number of calls. TDLI Communications Corp provides VoIP solutions to small businesses in Suffolk and Nassau counties. Call today to learn more!

Business Benefits of Using VoIP

Reliable, clear, crisp communication is crucial to the success of any small business. VoIP systems provide small businesses with a way to achieve business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication without excessive investments in hardware or finances. VoIP integrates all kinds of communication, whether it’s local calling, international calling, or videoconferencing.

Why Is VoIP Better Than a Landline?

VoIP SystemsLandlines
Require no on-site hardware, saving you time and thousands of dollarsRequire significant investment in on-site hardware
Equipped with a range of growing communication options and a high amount of integrationEquipped with limited features and little integration with other systems
No need for hardware upgradesExpensive hardware upgrades required
Call anywhere, anytime at no extra costMight cost extra to call internationally
No expensive monthly contractsTied down to contracts with additional fees and charges
No extra feesExtra fees for technical support, additional implementations, upgrades, etc.

Why Choose VoIP From TDLI for Your Small Business?

When it comes to communicating with customers and other businesses, you need a reliable system you can count on. Let TDLI Communications Corp set up your integrated VoIP solution with no downtime or hassle. Here are some benefits of choosing one of our VoIP solutions:

  • Created for business. Our VoIP solutions are tailored to small businesses. We can handle complete office moves with minimal disruption to your business. We handle everything from Internet and dial tone to TV services. Our most popular services include custom hold messages and business phone installation.
  • Complete mobility. With VoIP, you can take your business on the go and fax, email, and call from your business number on any enabled Internet-connected device.
  • Easy setup and usage. When you run a small business, you can’t afford even a short communication blackout. VoIP setup with TDLI is quick and easy with no downtime to your business. Customize your system to suit your business’ brand and needs.
  • High-level security and reliability. Rest assured that your business is secure with modern encryption and authentication that keeps your information safe and private.
  • Unrivaled customer support. TDLI provides 24/7 customer support to clients to take care of their business needs. Our emergency line is always open to help you resolve technological difficulties with your system.
  • Best value for money. Our VoIP and other solutions are among the most cost-effective in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. VoIP systems are cheaper to set up and maintain than landlines. Call us today to learn more about our low pricing designed for small businesses.

Large, Medium, and Small Companies Can Benefit From VoIP

Whether you are a large, global corporation or a local business that serves your community here in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, VoIP is a communication solution that can help take your organization to the next level. More and more businesses are realizing the advantages of VoIP solutions and are transforming their communication with consumers and others in the industry for the better.

  • Nowadays, business goes way beyond the office. Take your clients and partners on the go with VoIP, which allows you to make and receive calls with your business number from any mobile device.
  • For small businesses, every expense adds up, and for bigger ones, costs for communication hardware and software are often more than one would think. VoIP requires no huge hardware fees and is much more cost-effective than landline.
  • VoIP grows with your business. Add new lines with ease, and if you’re moving to a bigger office, we can handle the transition for you without any downtime.
  • Ease of use. VoIP is intuitive and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Integrate VoIP with other communication tools you use in your office.

Small Business Installation and Setup in Nassau and Suffolk

At TDLI Communications Corp, we provide installation and setup of hosted VoIP phone systems for small business in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. All you have to do is enjoy your reliable VoIP solution! We have been leaders in VoIP technology for more than 20 years.

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