Fiber Optic Cable Installation in Suffolk & Nassau Counties

TDLI Communications Corp Installs Fiber Optic Cables

TDLI Communications Corp is a leading provider of communications systems for business, and we’re proud to offer state-of-the-art fiber optic cable installation services throughout Suffolk and Nassau County, New York. Today’s reliance on digital storage and communication means companies have high demands when it comes to performance and reliability. If you want to ensure your business has the fastest and most seamless connections for employees and customers, contact our team to learn more about fiber optic connections.

We can do fiber optic cable installation in Suffolk and Nassau Counties


Complete Fiber Optic Cable Services

Our team of professional network installers and communication experts can handle all of your fiber optic network needs for your business. Whether you need to upgrade your entire network, have new equipment to add to your system, or are experiencing an issue that needs repair, our comprehensive services and advanced knowledge in this area mean you’ll receive superior results. When your business makes the smart decision to take advantage of the benefits fiber optic cabling offers, we’re here to ensure your setup is a success.

  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation – Your business will be able to share large amounts of information handled through a safe and secure network with our complete installation. No matter the size of your commercial property or the layout of the operation, we can discreetly connect your equipment to proper codes and standards.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Termination – The termination point of fiber optic cables is where the lines are joined to devices and other equipment within the network. We offer fiber optic cable termination services during initial installation or if you have new gear to add to an existing network.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Splicing – Sometimes, fiber optic cables must be joined together if the initial run isn’t long enough. Splicing is the best solution in this case. With this product’s excellent capability of transferring information long distances, it’s a safe and reliable solution we can complete for continuity.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Testing – Our process and services include testing for any new fiber optic cabling added to a network. We do this prior to installation to ensure the new cables match the existing lines for flawless data transmission within your network.
  • Repair – One of the benefits of fiber optic cables is that they’re less susceptible to interference. However, if you do experience any issues or damage to lines, we offer complete repair services and line replacement.
  • Emergency Restoration and Troubleshooting – Any issue that slows down business has a negative impact on productivity and revenue. When it’s the communication network, it can feel like the entire world has stopped. Don’t be slowed by network issues. Contact us immediately for fiber optic cable restoration when your network goes down.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables

More and more, you hear about fiber optic cables and how they’re becoming the preferred wiring for networks, even in residential applications where it’s replacing traditional coaxial cable services. But why? Businesses doing their research find that the initial cost upfront is more than other options. Is it worth it? Most companies find that it is when you look at the long-term reduced costs and benefits of fiber optic cables, including:

  • Faster Speeds – Businesses who transfer information and communicate through computer networks will benefit from higher efficiency in moving large amounts of data and multimedia content.
  • Better Distance – Fiber optic cables excel at carrying signals further distances.
  • Higher Bandwidth – Besides traveling far distances, fiber optic cables can handle much more significant amounts of data without increasing the size of the wires.
  • Reliability – Interference is next-to-nothing with fiber optic cables as they’re not affected by changes in temperature, moisture, weather conditions, and other outside factors.

Contact Us for Fiber Optic Cable Services

In the long run, fiber optic cable for your business in Suffolk and Nassau County, New York installed by TDLI Communications Corp, will help reduce costs and improve your network. With this fantastic, reliable solution, you’ll enjoy faster speeds, better communication, and less frequent network interruptions. Contact us for fiber optic cable installation and restoration services today.

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