Improve Your Business with Cloud-Based Phone Technology

What Is a Cloud-based Phone System?

More small businesses are recognizing the value of switching from traditional landlines to a cloud-based phone system. Within a cloud-based system, your business’ communication information is stored on the Internet – in ‘the cloud.’ This eliminates the need for the hardware associated with landlines, as cloud-based phone systems typically only need a strong and stable Internet connection to function. TDLI Communications Corp is your cloud-based phone solution provider in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Cloud phone systems in Suffolk and Nassau County


How Do Cloud-Based Phone Systems Work?

When you make a call via a cloud-based phone system, it is broken down into small pieces of data and sent over the Internet to the recipient. When it gets to the recipient, the call is converted into a format that allows them to receive it. Anyone who has access to an Internet connection can use a cloud-based phone system, since the technology does not rely on a complex hardware setup. Call us today to learn more about how cloud technology works with phone systems.

Cloud-based Phone Systems vs. On-Site Office Phone Systems

Cloud-Based Phone SystemsOn-Site Office Phone Systems
No bulky, expensive hardware needed for operationRequires bulky, expensive software, and often a dedicated room
System is upgraded virtually – and automatically – with no extra chargesUpgrading the system requires physical manpower and extra fees
Installation is quick and easy, leaving you with little to no downtimeInstallation takes time and leaves you with a communication blackout
Account changes and extensions are instantAccount changes and extensions to the service require additional hardware and take a long time
Requires no physical maintenance; any issues can be resolved virtuallyResolving an issue requires the presence of a trained specialist on-site

Choose a Cloud-based Phone System for Your Business

Cloud-based phone systems are a popular choice with modern businesses that want to project an image of professionalism and reliability. Cloud technology is built with businesses in mind, and cloud-based communication allows businesses great levels of personalization and customization that allow them to communicate in a way that is consistent with their brand. On a cloud system, you can fax, text, and communicate however you’d like from any device using your business number. The cloud gives you the ability to remain consistent, whether you’re in the office or on your phone or tablet.

Cloud-based phone systems are easy to operate, require little to no technical knowledge, and do not require a designated person to keep them running. On a TDLI Communications Corp cloud system, you can change or customize your phone system online, as well as adding or deleting lines, without the need for any hardware changes.

Why Are Cloud-Based Systems Popular?

More and more small businesses are becoming attracted to cloud-based phone systems because of the many benefits they provide in a business environment. Consider making the switch to cloud technology to keep your line of communication open to clients, consumers, and others in the industry.

Among the top reasons small businesses choose cloud technology are lower start-up and maintenance costs, mostly due to lack of physical hardware, and the ability to integrate other aspects of the business with the communication system. Small businesses are also attracted to the powerful built-in features that come along with cloud-based phone systems, such as custom on-brand hold messages, call analytics, videoconferencing, and more. This goes hand-in-hand with the mobility and flexibility cloud systems offer, allowing business operators to take their business on the go.

A cloud-based phone system is the ideal way to remain competitive and stand out in a business world where consumers are inundated with all kinds of corporate messaging.

Quality Cloud-Based Phone Systems in Nassau and Suffolk

Replace your outdated on-premise office phone system with a less expensive, more flexible, and feature-rich cloud communications platform that lets you stand out in your industry. TDLI Communications Corp is known for providing modern, up-to-date cloud solutions, phone installation services, and other communication solutions to small businesses in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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