CAT5 Network Cabling in Suffolk County & Nassau County

CAT5 Network Cabling

More commonly known as an ethernet or LAN cable, category 5 cabling is a network cable that is used in both home and business networks. Ethernet cables have different capabilities depending on how they are constructed, and CAT5 wiring is currently the industry standard for network and telephone wiring.

The Construction of CAT5

CAT5 is a form of cabling known as twisted pair that contains four pairs of 24-gauge copper wiring terminating in an RJ-45 jack. CAT5 cables are not shielded, instead relying on the twisted pair design for noise rejection. These cables are recommended for distances up to 100 meters. Solid CAT5 cables are better for long distances, and stranded CAT5 cables are better for shorter distances and are often referred to as patch cables.

CAT5 Network Cabling in Suffolk & Nassau County, NY

A Look at CAT5 Cabling Capabilities

CAT5 cables provide up to 100 Mbps, and can be effective at lengths of up to 100 meters. Going beyond this limit could cause network issues such as data loss and speed degradation. To exceed this length, network devices such as bridges can be used for a strong network cabling installation.

The Advantages of a CAT5 Cable for Network Cabling Service

There is other network cabling options to choose from, but they may not suit the needs of your network. The advantages of CAT5 include:

  • Cost: CAT5 is one of the cheapest options for networking cables.
  • Speed: CAT5 cables offer fairly high rates of transfer compared to older cables, and are also capable of handling four signals simultaneously.
  • Versatile: The versatility of this cable makes it ideal for a number of applications like computer networks and telephone wiring.

The Types of CAT5 Cables

CAT5 cables have two forms: solid conductor form and stranded conductor form. The solid form is the cheapest form. It is a stiff, lengthy cable that works best in fixed wiring configurations. The stranded form is flexible and better suited for short distance, movable cabling, such as patch cables.

Installation Cost of CAT5 Cabling

The cost of installing an ethernet network consists of a total of many parts. It involves the cabling, wall plates, ethernet ports, network switch, modem, and router. Cables are potentially the largest expense when setting up an ethernet network, with the average costs ranging from $2,000 to $3,000. This price can change depending on how much cable you need, and the quality of the cable you choose. Wall plates and ethernet ports both cost about $10 to $25 each, switches cost $10 to $100, modems cost about $50 to $100, and routers cost approximately $80 to $120.

Factors that affect the cost of installation include the labor rates per hour for a network professional, the size of the network being installed, and the difficulty of the installation.

CAT5 Cabling FAQs

  • Q: What is the purpose of ethernet cables?
    A: Ethernet cables connect technological devices together through a LAN.
  • Q: What is the maximum length of a CAT5 cable?
    A: 100 meters.
  • Q: What is a patch cable?
    A: Patch cables connect dissimilar devices together, such as a computer to a modem, or a modem to a router.
  • Q: What is a crossover cable?
    A: Crossover cables connect similar devices together, such as computer to computer, or switch to switch.
  • Q: Can I make my own CAT5 cables?
    A: With training, practice, and proper testing equipment, yes. If you do not have these, attempting to produce your own cables may end up costing more than a professional install.

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