Polycom Business Phone Systems in Suffolk & Nassau Counties

TDLI Communications Corp. is a provider of Polycom phones in the Long Island region and beyond. Our goal is to connect businesses with phone systems that meet their communications needs. The Polycom conference phone system is a smart choice for businesses of all sizes, as it comes in a range of different systems that address many factors, such as high-definition video and audio, Bluetooth integration, and much, much more. Let us help you sort through all of the choices and select the right system for your specific business needs.

The Polycom phone system is a great choice for companies that utilize conference calls on a regular basis. The ability to adapt to your needs is one of the central highlights of this particular brand, and it’s well known for being both flexible and reliable. If your phone needs change regularly, this may be a good pick for your business or brand.

Polycom Phone System in Suffolk & Nassau Counties


High-quality features

With such a robust system, Polycom phones make a great choice for any business.

The Polycom phone system has a number of high-quality features that set it apart from other more basic brands on the market. VoIP capability, a range of different ports, and crystal clear speakerphone capacity are just some of the standouts here. There are a variety of Polyom phones, so whether you’re trying to get a business up and running or upgrade the functionality of your current system, we can connect you with just the right item.

Polycom offers standard, high-quality desk phones, as well as phones designed specifically with conference calling capacity in mind. Great for everything from large office buildings to workers who need remote access, this particular brand offers a number of innovative features when it comes to phone system setup. Our sales team will be glad to speak with someone from your company to see what you’re looking for, and give you a free estimate for Polycom phone system installation. Just give us a call!

Maintenance and other help

TDLI Communications Corp. is not only able to help you find the right system, but we can also ensure it is well maintained. If any issues come up with your Polycom phones, we will figure out what is wrong and get you up and running quickly again. Our technicians are highly experienced and will come out to troubleshoot your issue any time you need assistance. Contact our offices in Long Island 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we’ll dispatch someone to your location to handle any needed repairs.

Regular maintenance checks can help you avoid sudden issues at inconvenient times. Even though the Polycom phones are extremely well made, our technicians can spot potential trouble areas before anything happens—which is always a good thing! Let us keep an eye on your communications infrastructure so you are sure to be operating at full capacity when it is most crucial. Call today to learn more!

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