Panasonic Phone Equipment & Systems in Suffolk & Nassau County

TDLI Communications Corp. is an experienced provider of Panasonic phones, and we offer sales and support to a wide range of businesses in Huntington, Smithtown, Rockville, Centre, Garden City areas and beyond. With over two decades of experience in this arena, we are the go-to company if you are searching for anything related to Panasonic phone system parts. Our sales team can help you evaluate this brand and see if the features match your office/business needs. We are also able to troubleshoot and repair these phone systems, if needed.

Many companies in Nassau and Suffolk County choose the Panasonic brand for their communications network, and it continues to be a very popular brand for mid sized businesses that need a flexible, customizable phone system solution. We’re able to get your network dialed in just right, so that you can move forward with a reliable phone system that works for your business. We sell both new and refurbished Panasonic phone systems, so we’re also able to offer you a range of choices and price points. Please contact us to learn more today.


Panasonic phone system in Suffolk & Nassau Counties

About Panasonic phone systems

If you’re considering Panasonic phone systems for your business, you will find it to be a wonderful brand offering numerous features that work well for a variety of different businesses. Panasonic provides a compact hybrid communication platform that protects your investment by incorporating digital phone system features with an easy-to-install IP protocol. Additional benefits include the use of remote wireless extensions, IP phones, SIP trunks, email access for voicemail messages, cell phone integration, and built-in applications to support call centers and multiple locations. It is a cost-effective legacy and IP communication system for small to midsized businesses with up to 250 users at a single site that can be flexibly configured and expanded. For additional details on the specifications of the Panasonic brand, please call.

Panasonic phone sales and service

If Panasonic sounds like it might a good solution for your business’s communications platform, please feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your particular needs. We’ll be delighted to help you evaluate the Panasonic phone system to see if it meets your requirements and specifications. Just contact our office in Long Island and we’ll be glad to set up an appointment to discuss your business in more detail. Planning and design are two of our specialties, and we work hard to make sure you get exactly what you need to make your company run seamlessly. Plus, we offer free estimates!

In addition to our Panasonic phone sales, TDLI Communications Corp. is also able to install and maintain your system. Let us make sure everything is set up properly, and feel free to contact us if something goes wrong—we’ll troubleshoot it and repair it promptly. You can also sign up for our business maintenance services, where we’ll come out and make sure everything is working properly. Contact us to learn more about this or any other aspect of our Panasonic phone system sales and service.

We also offer support for older Panasonic phone system parts, and we stock a variety of replacement parts, as well. Get in touch to learn more, or visit our Common Replacement Parts page for specifics.

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