NEC SL2100 Services in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, NY

NEC SL2100: Meet the Next Generation of Smart Communications

Upgrade your office communication system with the cutting-edge NEC SL2100 cable connection phone services offered by TDLI Communications Corp. serving Suffolk and Nassau Counties, NY. As a trusted provider with over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of seamless and efficient business communication. The NEC SL2100 offers advanced features, reliability, and scalability to meet your organization’s unique needs. From installation to ongoing support, our team of experts is committed to delivering top-notch service.


Features of the NEC SL2100

The NEC SL2100 is a feature-rich communication system designed to enhance productivity and streamline business operations. Explore the following list of key features that make the NEC SL2100 an ideal choice for businesses looking to elevate their communication capabilities.

  • (24) User Programmable Function Keys – Customize and assign specific functions to these programmable keys for quick access to frequently used features, improving efficiency and user convenience.
  • Full-Duplex Hands-Free Speakerphone – Enjoy crystal-clear, two-way communication without needing a handset, allowing for easy collaboration and multitasking during conference calls.
  • Backlit 3-Line/24-Character Display – The illuminated display ensures excellent visibility, providing clear information and easy navigation through various system features and settings.
  • Dialpad (not backlit) – The standard dialpad allows for traditional phone call dialing, ensuring compatibility with users who prefer tactile feedback during phone interactions.
  • User Programmable Function Keys With Red/Green LEDs – Assign specific functions to these programmable keys and benefit from the LED lights’ visual indicators, which display each function’s status or availability.
  • (4) Soft Keys – These context-sensitive keys provide quick access to relevant features and menus based on the current screen or call status, enhancing user efficiency and ease of use.
  • Navigator Key – Use the navigator key to navigate through menus, lists, and options, simplifying the process of accessing various functions and settings within the system.
  • Tri-Color (Red/Green/Orange) Call Indicator LED – The tri-color LED provides visual cues for call status, allowing users to quickly identify incoming calls, on-hold calls, and other call-related notifications.
  • 2-Step Leg Angle Adjustment – Customize the angle and position of the phone on your desk with the adjustable leg, ensuring optimal viewing and ergonomic comfort.
  • Headset Jack – Easily connect a headset for hands-free communication, enabling users to multitask and have private conversations while keeping their hands free for other tasks.
  • 9-Ft Handset Cord – Benefit from extended reach and flexibility with the longer handset cord, allowing for comfortable movement during phone calls without restrictions.

Top Benefits of the NEC SL2100

By offering scalability, advanced features, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, mobility, reliability, unified communications, and future-proof technology, the NEC SL2100 system delivers a comprehensive set of benefits that meet the communication needs of modern businesses. The top benefits include:

  • Scalability – The SL2100 is highly scalable, making it suitable for businesses of varying sizes. It can expand and adapt to your growing communication needs, ensuring long-term flexibility and investment protection.
  • Advanced Features – The NEC SL2100 telephone system comes equipped with a wide range of advanced features, including voicemail, auto attendant, call forwarding, call recording, and more. These features enhance productivity, streamline communication, and improve customer service.
  • Cost-Effective – The SL2100 provides cost-effective solutions for businesses. It offers competitive pricing, low power consumption, and efficiency, helping to reduce operational costs and maximize return on investment.
  • Enhanced Mobility – The SL2100 system supports mobile integration, allowing users to connect and communicate seamlessly while on the go. It enables features like call forwarding to mobile devices and provides flexibility for remote and mobile workforce scenarios.
  • Reliability and Durability – NEC is known for manufacturing high-quality and reliable communication systems, and the SL2100 is no exception. It is built to withstand the demands of a busy office environment and provides dependable performance.
  • Unified Communications – The SL2100 supports unified communications, enabling integration with other platforms like email, messaging, and collaboration tools. This integration enhances productivity by facilitating efficient communication and information sharing.

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