Hosted VoIP Phone System FAQ

VoIP FAQ in Suffolk and Nassau

TDLI Communications Corp. provides a VoIP phone systems FAQ in Suffolk and Nassau. You’ll learn everything you need to know about systems with our FAQ about VoIP for business.

Hosted phone system in Suffolk & Nassau Counties

What is VoIP, and how does it work?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you and your business to conduct calls over the internet, ridding your dependence on traditional and outdated phone lines.

VoIP achieves better functioning communication while reducing phone costs, providing a more efficient communication experience for your business.

How is the call quality of a VoIP phone?

Your call quality depends on the quality of your internet.

If you have high-speed internet, your call quality will improve significantly due to VoIP’s state-of-the-art HD voice technology.

What Should I Look for In A Cloud Communications System?

With VoIP, you should adjust your cloud communications according to your number of employees and your business’s required features. Factors you should consider when changing your cloud communications are:

  • Do you want to pay your phone costs through contract or month-to-month?
  • Do you want to be able to contact customer support during business hours?
  • What’s the coverage area of your plan? Does your carrier cover your area?
  • Will you be able to manage multiple users in different service areas?
  • What features do you need that your VoIP carrier can provide?

How Much Does VoIP Service Cost?

We provide a range of quality VoIP packages that will fit any business’s size, volume, features, and needs. Look at our offers to find the right plan for you and your business.

Do I Need to Have an Existing VoIP Phone?

No. VoIP functions according to your internet plan, allowing you to keep your existing phone, get a new phone, or lease a phone from your carrier.

How Many Calls Can I Make at A Time?

You can make unlimited calls anytime your want depending on the user and device volume. The standard VoIP phone provides three calls simultaneously, but that also depends on the callers’ type of equipment.

Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP users will never face busy signals or line rollovers. Regardless of how many phones you use, VoIP provides a more efficient user experience.

Are There Limitations to Using a VoIP Phone?

No. Besides a one-call-placed-per-second rule to prevent robocalls, VoIP eradicates inefficiency from your phone call experience.

However, you’ll want to be sure your internet connection is fast and reliable. Your call quality relies on your internet service quality, so good internet is essential to your call success.

Will I Lose Business Features from Landlines with VoIP?

No. Your features will remain intact, and VoIP can support any upgrades you want to add in the future.

Do I Need My Computer to Be Online to Make A Call?

You only need your computer online if you use a VoIP app. Otherwise, your computer does not need to be online to make calls. If you have internet access, you can make calls.

If My Business Grows, Can I Adjust My VoIP System?

Adjusting to scale with your business is a top advantage of using a VoIP phone system. Your cloud-based service makes installing upgrades efficient and straightforward, allowing you to scale growth with a limitless number of users and operation areas.

Can I Take My Number with Me When I Travel?

Yes, if you have internet access, you can take your phone number anywhere.

However, if you’re traveling internationally, make sure to check the possible internet restrictions enforced by the countries you are traveling in. Their laws may affect your internet service.

Are VoIP Calls Secure?

VoIP service offers more enhanced security procedures than traditional systems.

If you practice personal data and network security, your VoIP system should remain safe.

Will My VoIP Calls Work When I Switch Offices?

Yes, if you have fast and reliable internet, you’ll be fine. VoIP is cloud-based, allowing service regardless of your location.

Can I Use My Existing Business Phone Numbers?

Yes. We offer VoIP number porting free of charge. You can also include different phone numbers at your request.

How Do I Set Up VoIP Phone Service?

Luckily, in most cases, you can set up VoIP on your own without the assistance of a technician. All you need to do is plug in your system to your cloud, and you can make and receive calls.

If you need special assistance, our tech is always available to help you.

What’s the Difference Between VoIP and Landline?

VoIP offers a range of benefits that you won’t receive with landline service, including:

  • Technology: VoIP requires less technology to function more efficiently than a landline.
  • Costs: A landline’s operational and maintenance costs are expensive. VoIP significantly reduces costs across the board.
  • Features: VoIP offers more reliability, functionality, scalability, and multimedia support than the average landline.

Can VoIP Work Over Wi-Fi?

Yes. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is robust for optimal functioning and quality.

Do I Need A Special Phone to Use VoIP?

No, you can use any phone you want if you have a functioning internet connection.

If you can’t find the answer to your VoIP question, contact our professionals and we will gladly assist you. Below are common questions asked about VoIP.

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